David Villa and his soul patch are a force to be reckoned with…

Some call him David Villa & some call him “el guajo” (the kid). I call him “soul patch.” He is the top striker for arguably the best national team in the world, and his soul patch has led him to 5 goals in 5 World Cup games. Ok maybe he is not the top striker.. but what has Torres done? Anyways, Soul Patch got me thinking about other famous people who rock the trendy soul patches… or patchi’ (sp?).
My first thought was Apollo Anton Ohno, who’s flava sava saves A Lot of flavor. Who are we kidding? Ohno’s cookie duster is to facial hair what Dennis “The Worm” Rodman is to the afro: a complete joke. The first time I saw Ohno, I thought to myself “ok, he hasn’t gotten over his post pubescent ‘I can now physically grow facial hair so i’m going WILD’ stage”. But I’m pretty sure Ohno’s rocked that squirrel tail his whole life. In fact I couldn’t even find a picture of him without it. Either way it’s a travesty that he has had a USA gold medal around his neck flirting with that thing. Whatever some people get it right some people don’t understand. Villa on the other hand is the complete opposite of Ohno: a spanish conquistador swooning women, scoring goals, and taking his vaguely noticeable but meticulously groomed soul patch with him on the ride.

Ohno is doomed from the start…                                                                                                                     Villa & his caterpillar “Vogue”.
the floral silk shirt doesn’t help. (She’s hot)

It’s ever so obvious that most European’s like Villa; understand a concept that American’s don’t seem to even fathom, and it’s that sometimes
“Less is More”… OHHHHH NOOO!!!!

One Response to “David Villa and his soul patch are a force to be reckoned with…”
  1. SamyoD says:

    hahah I just revisited this post and it is incredible. thank you

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